The Airbus Foundation was created in 2008. This philanthropic organisation provides access to Airbus' unique portfolio of high-tech products, services and know-how to help address some of the world's most pressing problems, contributing to sustainable solutions for a safe and united world.

But what is philanthropy? The word “philanthropy” comes from the Greek words “philos” which means loving, and “anthropos” which refers to mankind. It means helping people and solving their problems in the long-term. Alfred Nobel was one of the most famous philanthropists in the world. He gave away his entire fortune to establish the Nobel Prizes: famous awards for those who have “conferred the greatest benefit to humankind”.


The actions of the Airbus Foundation revolve around three key strategic areas: humanitarian aid, environment, and youth development.

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Inspiring through science and aeronautics

With youth development, we hope to inspire young people to develop a curiosity to learn, to want to stay in school and to contribute as constructive global citizens. But we cannot do this on our own. 

The Foundation supports the UN Sustainable Development Goal 4, ensuring inclusive and equitable quality education. Through our various programmes delivered by our partners, we invest in the future of the communities we support, sharing our passion for science and aeronautics with the next generation. 

Our various programmes enable students to: 

  • Be as inspired and excited about science as we are - through educational content themed around STEM and aerospace
  • Develop key ‘soft’ skills that will help them in the future
  • Discover the professional world and possible career paths. 

Our objective is to help them contribute to a safe and united world.

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The Foundation's youth development programmes continue to offer initiatives and activities that stimulate the imagination of young students to stay involved in school and become global, constructive citizens.


Marie Claire Certiat, Youth Programme Manager

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