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This platform helps kids and teenagers understand science through the lens of aerospace. 


Lighting that spark of interest works best when we take topics that kids are generally excited about – like space and astronauts – and link them to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). If they get inspired today, they start on a path to become the builders, makers, and scientists of the future!

We know that it can be difficult to find quality educational content in today’s overcrowded digital landscape. So, we help you get started. We have teamed up with educational experts to make free, high-quality and ready-to-use content, tailor-made for kids in three specific age groups.

Here you will find educational videos, challenges, ideas for experiments and moreAll of the content has also been designed with parents, teachers or informal educators in mind, to inspire young people from ages 8 to 18.

Latest news

An animated introduction to the world of helicopters
Discover our new animated video mini-series that sheds light on the unique capabilities of helicopters and the vital role they play in emergency missions!
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Shoot for the Moon!
The Moon Camp Challenge competition is open for submissions until 20 April 2023. Assemble your team, submit your project and compete for a chance to attend an exclusive webinar with an ESA astronaut and win a 3D printer for your school.
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A lasting interest in STEM




(8-12 years old)

Exploring how STEM applies to everyday scenarios. The start of a science education journey through fun and approachable content. From airplanes to moon rockets. Discover all of it here together!

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(12-14 years old)

An educational adventure with interactive activities. How do we produce hydrogen? How are satellites launched? So many questions that you can answer, or not, but at least you can experiment with! Because the best way to learn is by doing.

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(14-18 years old)

A journey of self-discovery and development, through exercises and mentorships. To inspire the adults of the (near) future.


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Discovery Club

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Moon Camp Challenge

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