It’s time to take your childrens’ or pupils’ imagination to the next level.

How would they survive on the moon?
The extreme temperatures, lack of air and… meteorites?!

We challenge them to think about their own moon camp or rocket.


Traveling to the moon!

How do we get to the moon? By rocket, of course! But how can it break through the Earth’s atmosphere or reach its destination?
These videos show kids what is needed to travel to the moon. How do you go fast enough to leave earth?
Launching a rocket is no small feat. But kids must also think about landing on the moon once the rocket gets there.



Making a home

A house away from Earth should be more than just a place to eat and sleep – it’s the only structure on the moon!
These videos teach kids how they could make a house on the moon. What is the best location, and what materials would they build it with? And how would you get electricity?



The basics of living

With no atmosphere and no air on the moon, we’ll need a way to breathe!
Here kids can learn about ways to breathe on the moon. Inside their moon pods or outside with a space helmet. They are invited to get creative! And what about food? Can you grow crops on the moon?


Working 9 to 5 on the moon

Here kids discover interesting things they could do on the moon.
Experimenting, getting robots to help them… those robots will need to be sturdy!



Read our booklet or use the learning scenarios, especially created to practice and to learn in a funny way.


Mission to the moon
Activities and toolkits

Activities & toolkits

All the science education resources you need

Here you will find additional resources to get kids or pupils aged 8-12 to engage in a playful manner with STEM. These free resources are of high educational value and carefully developed in partnership with education experts. They are ready-to-use and are a great way to spark kids’ interest in science.

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