Here kids can learn how planes take off, fly and land. And even how they are built!

Airplanes and how they fly are a very appealing subject for kids to think about. We humans have always looked to the sky and wondered how to get there.

So, let’s explore aviation together!


How do things fly?

The following videos show all kinds of flying objects. Balloons, birds, airplanes and helicopters, to name a few. Not all of them have wings.
Kids will be challenged to think about the question of how things fly.

Thousands of airplanes in the sky

There are a lot of airplanes in the sky. But it took a lot of brain power to get them there.
This video series shows how people invent, power and design airplanes.

How do airplanes get from one place to another?

These videos tell kids what happens with an airplane as it flies. It gets quite technical - on an age appropriate level. For example: what happens to the wings of an airplane when it lands?


Read our booklet or use the learning scenarios, especially created to practice and to learn in a funny way. 

Activities and toolkits

Activities & toolkits

All the science education resources you need

Here you will find additional resources to get kids or pupils aged 8-12 to engage in a playful manner with STEM. These free resources are of high educational value and carefully developed in partnership with education experts. They are ready-to-use and are a great way to spark kids’ interest in science.

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