How do you produce hydrogen? How is fire used for rocket propulsion? How are satellites launched? What are composites?

These are some of the questions that Paul, Maxime and Clémentine are asking themselves… and which they will try to answer by performing scientific experiments! 


Each video begins with a simple question related to aeronautics or aerospace, which makes the team want to find out the answer using the scientific method: researching the subject and then conducting experiments to check that the hypothesis works.

Parents and educators are encouraged to use the activity sheets and/or the lessons to provide a full explanation of the topic, and of course to lead some experiments at home or in the classroom.



Experiment at home

The experiments suggested in the videos are easy to reproduce at home, using the objects shown.
What’s important here is not so much the outcome of each experiment — which may or may not work! — but the reasoning used.
How can I test and implement my ideas simply in order to prove or disprove a theory?



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