Kids aged 8 to 12 are still discovering the world around them.

Let's help them explore the world of STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) and give them a starting point.

Here we connect things that spark kids’ imaginations with scientific topics, developed together with educational experts. From aeroplanes to moon rockets, discover all of it here together!


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discover | mission to the moon

Mission to the moon

Let's build our own space mission!

discover | science of flight

Science of flight

From birds, balloons and kites to jet planes: explore aviation!

discover | future of the skies

Future of the skies

How can aerospace help us reinvent the future?

Satellite sending information to Earth

Satellites are fascinating

A fun and easy-to-understand introduction to satellites

image helico

Helicopters in emergency situations

Their vital role in firefighting, search and rescue, or medical missions



Learn how to export your designs to Minecraft!

So, your kids or pupils have designed some amazing robots, planes or rockets and want to show them to their friends? Now they can, by exporting their design to Minecraft!


From Tinkercad

From Fusion 360

Activities and toolkits

Activities & toolkits

All the science education resources you need

Here you will find additional resources to get kids or pupils aged 8 to12 to engage in a playful manner with STEM subjects. These high-quality, free resources have been carefully developed in partnership with education experts. They are ready-to-use and are a great way to spark kids’ interest in science.

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