When they reach their teenage years, 14-to-18-year-olds are discovering who they are as people. We offer them resources to become the best version of themselves, or just themselves! 

The programmes we support aim to inspire young people and give them confidence in their future: by encouraging them to explore the world around them, to be in control of their choices and by giving themselves the means to access them.

The Airbus Foundation’s work aims to help young people flourish, developing their skills and making them aware of their strengths.

Whether it's mentoring, sponsorship, or more specific actions, such as hosting self-confidence workshops, running sessions on the importance of making your voice heard, or showcasing the possibilities of the jobs market and the professional world, our partner associations act for equal opportunities and social inclusion so that everyone can make their dreams a reality.




The guide to becoming yourself

We have launched a self-development booklet that has been carefully designed to guide young people through different topics of self-exploration including self-care, empathy, online safety and how to form your own unique and powerful voice. This booklet equips young people with the tools they need to thrive as they become young adults.

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