When they reach their teenage years, 14-to-18-year-olds are discovering who they are and what their role in the world can be. We offer resources to help them figure it out and overcome their challenges!


The programmes we support aim to inspire young people and give them confidence in their future: by encouraging them to explore the world around them, by helping them flourish, by developing their skills and making them aware of their strengths.

On one hand, whether it's mentoring, sponsorship, or more specific actions, such as hosting self-confidence workshops, running sessions on the importance of making your voice heard, or showcasing the possibilities of the jobs market and the professional world, our partner associations act for equal opportunities and social inclusion so that everyone can make their dreams a reality.

On another hand, young people are now facing a changing and uncertain world, with mental health issues following the Covid pandemic, the growing presence of disinformation, new technological revolutions such as the development of Artificial Intelligence… Educators need new resources, new approaches and new partnerships to face these challenges. 
The Airbus Foundation is developing a variety of formats to support them. For young teenagers (12-15 years old), The guide to becoming yourself is a personal development booklet introducing topics such as self care, empathy, cognitive biases or civic engagement.



Cover the guide to becoming yourself


The guide to becoming yourself


Because becoming yourself, at this age, is much more challenging than it sounds, we have carefully designed this booklet to guide young people through different topics of self-exploration including self-care, empathy, disinformation, online safety and how to form your own unique and powerful voice.

Teenagers will take their own journey reading the different chapters, comprising several activities to put the ideas into practice, alone or with friends and family.

Expect some fun, questioning, investigations, games, and much more.

Whether they wish to build stronger relationships or to start a revolution, they will find some first tools here. It will simply help them bring out what they already have: the best of themselves.


The guide to becoming yourself

This booklet looks interesting, doesn't it?

Do you want to see what it looks like? Are you interested in certain topics?
Don't hesitate to download the whole book or just some chapters. This resource is free, and available in the 4 languages of the site.

If you want to print it as a book, please contact us to receive the adapted version, or just print the digital version at home. 

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