Thinking about the future can spark the imagination of kids quite a lot. 

What will our planet look like in a hundred or even a thousand years? Will the inventions of today have changed the future? What about space flight? Will we live on Mars?

Here kids will learn about various scientific projects that aim to shape the future.



Flying to a sustainable future

The Airbus Foundation Discovery Space’s “Flying to a sustainable future” content series introduces kids to a proven alternative fuel - named Sustainable Aviation Fuel - which can reduce lifecycle CO2 emissions compared to conventional fuel.

Flightpath to Hydrogen

What is the smallest, lightest molecule in the universe? It’s hydrogen and there's a lot of it. In oceans, in rivers, and even in your kitchen sink! But what does it have to do with aerospace and fuel?
Kids will discover hydrogen in these videos.

Tomorrow starts today

The future we can imagine today can only become real if we start putting our ideas into action now!
This video series is about the future of cities, factories, space and aviation.

Activities and toolkits

Activities & toolkits

All the science education resources you need

Here you will find additional resources to get kids or pupils aged 8-12 to engage in a playful manner with STEM. These free resources are of high educational value and carefully developed in partnership with education experts. They are ready-to-use and are a great way to spark kids’ interest in science.

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Science of flight

Science of flight

From birds, balloons, and kites to jet planes: explore aviation!

Mission to the moon

Mission to the moon

Let's build our own space mission!