The Moon Camp Challenge is a yearly competition jointly run by the Airbus Foundation and the European Space Agency, in collaboration with Autodesk.


Each year, the Moon Camp Challenge competition invites students worldwide to imagine tomorrow’s functional lunar or spatial settlements. 

Think about what life could be like for astronauts on the lunar surface, or even –and this is brand new !– on the other planets of the Solar system. Participate with your ideas in this 6th edition which runs from 21 September 2023 to 25 April 2024.

In this year’s contest, a new approach will help you to make your entry easier. You can now choose to submit any of those projects:

  • a scientific experiment
  • a hands-on project
  • a design of space infrastructures
  • a 3D design of an astronaut base
  • a 3D printed model
  • a virtual or augmented reality world

                                          … and much more!!


Credit: ESA–Olivier Pâques

If you and your friends are under 20 years old, this is for you! 

Create your team, share a short description of your project and supporting elements such as pictures or videos. And one thing hasn’t changed from last year: your submission can be in English or any other language. 

Each team will receive a participation certificate and will be invited to participate in a final online event with an ESA astronaut and space experts.

Visit the Moon Camp website to know more and register.


Moon Camp Challenge winners: 2022-2023

The fifth edition of the Moon Camp Challenge saw a huge number of participants (over 5,300 students from 39 countries) as teams were tasked with designing an innovative and futuristic Moon Camp to host the future space explorers.

The jury – composed of a panel of experts in 3D design, space technology and lunar exploration – evaluated entries based on their creativity and innovation, feasibility, quality of the 3D model and the adaptability of the design to the lunar environment.

Get some inspiration from previous years’ competitions.

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