The Airbus Foundation and the 14bis Aerospace NGO have one common objective: to inspire the next generation. 

In that frame, this franco-brazilian NGO has partnered with brazilian schools to deliver workshops to young children, based on the Science of Flight miniseries created by the Airbus Foundation. 

As the miniseries was not available in Portuguese, the NGO has proposed to dub the videos in a co-creation process with ISPRA - a French audiovisual school. You can watch the videos on their Youtube channel:14Bis Aerospace - YouTube.

"We bring Brazilian diversity to the miniseries. Our volunteers come from different Brazilian states and regions. Everyone brings a piece of their own Brazilian culture, language, and accent to this project." said Laerte de Araujo Lima and Thiago Jaccoud, co-founders of the 14bis aerospace. 

The 14bis Aerospace association

Created in Toulouse (France) in 2020, the mission of 14bis Aerospace is to: "Create, stimulate, and accelerate scientific, technological, industrial, and educational cooperation initiatives in the aerospace field between Franco-Brazilian partners."

A team of 11 professionals in aviation are working on several projects, from the promotion of aviation for women to solidarity projects. 

14bis Aerospace has been part of the UN Global Compact since February 2021, when they signed their engagement commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as part of internal governance.

An initiative which could be replicable 

The content hosted in the platform is available in English, German, Spanish and French, but could be translated into any other language. 

Indeed, this single initiative could be replicable by any other NGO or organisation, as the Airbus Foundation Discovery Space content is open to everyone. If you want to do the same, we invite you to contact us, and will do our best to support your project. 

To get updates about their projects and news, follow their Linkedin page or visit their website for more information.